Mini-Course: An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime

In this mini-course we will give an introduction to quantum field theory in curved spacetime, one of the dominant research areas in modern algebraic quantum field theory. It is aimed at postgraduate students unfamiliar with the topic, although some preliminary knowledge of elementary differential geometry (notions of manifold, (co)tangent bundle, covariant derivative), as well as some familiarity with quantum mechanics and standard quantum field theory would be helpful.

The course will cover some of the underlying concepts of the algebraic approach to quantum field theory in curved spacetime and discuss several physically relevant examples. The focus will be on the linear (i.e., non-interacting) scalar field, favouring depth over breadth.

This mini-course is funded by the London Mathematical Society, as part of the activities of the AQFTUK research network. The lecturers are Daniel Siemssen, University of York, and Matteo Capoferri, Cardiff University.

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Preliminary schedule

The lectures will be held live via Zoom and recorded. Lecture notes and further instructions will be made available in due course.

Monday, 12.10.20. Lecturer: Daniel Siemssen

  1. Lorentzian geometry, causality and the Klein–Gordon equation
  2. Algebraic quantum field theory and the quantised scalar field

Wednesday, 14.10.20. Lecturer: Daniel Siemssen

  1. QFT in static spacetimes
  2. QFT in non-static spacetimes

Friday, 16.10.20. Lecturer: Matteo Capoferri

  1. Hadamard states: motivation and rigorous definition
  2. Hadamard states: microlocal reformulation and fundamental properties


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