Hadamard states for quantum Abelian duality

Marco Benini, Matteo Capoferri, Claudio Dappiaggi
November 30, 2016
Abelian duality is realized naturally by combining differential cohomology and locally covariant quantum field theory. This leads to a C$^*$-algebra of observables, which encompasses the simultaneous discretization of both magnetic and electric fluxes. We discuss the assignment of physically well-behaved states to such algebra and the properties of the associated GNS triple. We show that the algebra of observables factorizes as a suitable tensor product of three C$^*$-algebras: the first factor encodes dynamical information, while the other two capture topological data corresponding to electric and magnetic fluxes. On the former factor we exhibit a state whose two-point correlation function has the same singular structure of a Hadamard state. Specifying suitable counterparts also on the topological factors we obtain a state for the full theory, providing ultimately a unitary implementation of Abelian duality.

Abelian duality, Abelian gauge theory, Hadamard states