Quantum Physics meets Mathematics - a workshop on the occasion of Klaus Fredenhagen's 70th birthday

Hamburg, December 8-9, 2017

Funded by  Research Training Group 1670


Friday 08.12.2017 (Lecture Hall H2)
14:00-14:10    Welcome
14:10-15:00    D. Buchholz: The arrow of time and quantum physics: difficulties and resolutions
15:00-15:30    Coffee break
15:30-16:20    S. Hollands: Flows of conformal field theories
16:20-17:10    C. Gérard: Analytic Hadamard states and Wick rotation on curved spacetimes
17:10-17:25    Short break
17:25-18:15    C. Fewster: The paradigm of local covariance

19:00                Dinner

Saturday 09.12.2017 (Lecture Hall H6)
09:00-09:50    S. Carpi: Local conformal nets and vertex operators
09:50-10:40    N. Pinamonti: Thermal states in perturbative algebraic quantum field theory: stability, relative entropy and entropy production
10:40-11:10    Coffee break
11:10-12:00    O. Gwilliam: Nets and factorization algebras: a gauge-theoretic example
12:00-12:50    A. Schenkel: From Fredenhagen’s universal algebra to homotopy theory and operads
12:50-13:10    Short break
13:10-14:00    C. Bär: The Lorentzian index theorem and its local version


Organizers: Dorothea Bahns, Marco Benini, Karl-Henning Rehren, Katarzyna Rejzner, Christoph Schweigert

Participants (Nov 30)

Location: Mathematics Department "Geomatikum" (Lecture Halls H2/H6), Bundesstraße/Schlump

Accomodation: Suggested hotels  

Conference dinner will take place on Friday (08/12) at 19:30 in: Q21 Gasthaus, Fuhlsbüttler Str. 405, 22309 Hamburg - http://www.quartier21-gasthaus.de.