41st LQP Workshop "Foundations and Constructive Aspects of QFT"

Date: Feb 02-03, 2018


Organizers: Dorothea Bahns (Mathematical Institute), Laura Covi, Karl-Henning Rehren (Institute for Theoretical Physics)

We are happy to welcome you at the 41st edition of the "Local Quantum Physics" workshop series.

Location: Mathematical Institute, Bunsenstrasse 3-5, 37073 Göttingen. How to find us: http://www.uni-goettingen.de/en/126357.html


Friday Feb 02

  • 14h00 Opening
  • 14h10 Nicolo Drago (Pavia): Thermal state with quadratic interaction
  • 14h50 Matteo Capoferri (London): Hadamard states for quantum Abelian duality
  • Coffee break
  • 16h00 Vasily Sazonov (Paris): Constructive matrix theory for higher order interaction
  • 16h40 Alexander Stottmeister (Rom): Hamiltonian lattice-gauge theory and Duflo-Weyl quantization
  • Coffee break
  • 17h50 Jochen Zahn (Leipzig): Global anomalies on Lorentzian space-times
  • 19h15 Dinner

Saturday Feb 03

  • 9h00 Beatriz Elizaga de Navascués (Erlangen): Fock quantization of the Dirac field in cosmology with unitary dynamics
  • 9h40 Francesco Bussola (Pavia): Ground state for a massive scalar field in BTZ spacetime with Robin boundary conditions
  • Coffee break
  • 10h50 Vincenzo Morinelli (Rom): An algebraic condition for the Bisognano-Wichmann property
  • 11h30 Luca Giorgetti (Rom): Minimal index and dimension for 2-C*-categories
  • Lunch break
  • 14h00 Rodrigo Vargas Le-Bert (Camerino): Non-perturbative renormalization via projective non-gaussian white noise analysis
  • 14h40 Daniel Siemssen (Wuppertal): Feynman propagators in a functional analytic setting

Slides: https://www.lqp2.org/node/1429

We have blocked rooms in the Leine Hotel (0551-5051-0). Please contact the hotel directly for your reservation and ask for "university conditions" (EUR 59 incl breakfast for a single room) under keyword "LQP".

The dinner will be at the "Bullerjahn" (Old Townhall, near Gänseliesel fountain), Friday, ca 19h15. Vegetarian dish available.

Participants: https://www.lqp2.org/node/1471