Positive energy representations of Sobolev diffeomorphism groups of the circle

Sebastiano Carpi, Simone Del Vecchio, Stefano Iovieno, Yoh Tanimoto
August 07, 2018
We show that any positive energy projective representation of Diff(S^1) extends to a strongly continuous projective unitary representation of the fractional Sobolev diffeomorphisms D^s(S^1) with s>3, and in particular to C^k-diffeomorphisms Diff^k(S^1) with k >= 4. A similar result holds for the universal covering groups provided that the representation is assumed to be a direct sum of irreducibles. As an application we show that a conformal net of von Neumann algebras on S^1 is covariant with respect to D^s(S^1), s > 3. Moreover every direct sum of irreducible representations of a conformal net is also D^s(S^1)-covariant.