44th LQP Workshop "Foundations and Constructive Aspects of QFT"

Date: October 25-26, 2019


Location: Institute for Theoretical Physics, Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1, 37077 Göttingen, Room A.03.101

Organizers: Dorothea Bahns (Mathematical Institute), Laura Covi, Karl-Henning Rehren (Institute for Theoretical Physics)

We are happy to welcome you at the 44th edition of the "Local Quantum Physics" workshop series.

We invite scientists working on fundamental aspects of Quantum Field Theory to give presentations of their work (axiomatic, mathematical, constructive). Priority will be given to junior scientists. There shall be appx 12 talk, starting Friday around 14h and ending Saturday around 16h.

The deadline for registration has expired. If you still want to register, please do so by email to krehren@gwdg.de.



Program (may still be subject to minor changes):

Friday Oct 25 (Room A.03.101)

From 14:00: Welcome in Room A.04.102

14:20-15:00: Wojciech Dybalski (München): The Bisognano-Wichmann property for asymptotically complete massless QFT

15:00-15:40: Joao Braga de Goes e Vasconcellos (Genova): Equilibrium states in thermal field theory and in algebraic QFT

15:40-16:20: Coffee

16:20-17:00: Alexander Stottmeister (Münster): Real-space renormalization group, operator algebras, and wavelets

17:00-17:40: Simen Bruinsma (Nottingham): Homotopical linear quantum Yang-Mills

17:40-18:20: Marco Perin (Nottingham): Factorization Algebras vs AQFT

19:00: Dinner at Restaurant Mazzoni (10min walk, Hermann-Rein-Str. 2)

Saturday Oct 26 (Room A.03.101)

9:00-9:40: Sascha Lill (Tübingen): Multi-Time-formalism in Quantum Field Theory

9:40-10:20: Daniela Cadamuro (Leipzig): The quantum information bottleneck method

10:20-11:00: Coffee

11:00-11:40: Karim Shedid Attifa (Göttingen): String-Local Fields
as a Solution to Inconsistent Interactions

11:40-12:20: Alexander Hock (Münster): Solution of the noncommutative Phi4 model

12:20-14:00: Lunch at Cafeteria UMG (10min walk)

14:00-14:40: Alessio Marta (Milano): Propagation of singularities on AdS spacetimes for general boundary conditions

14:40-15:20: Rubens Longhi (Potsdam): On Maxwell's Equations on Globally Hyperbolic Spacetimes with Timelike Boundary

15:20-16:00: Markus Fröb (Leipzig): Gauge theories in curved spacetimes: (Anomalous) Ward identities and the underlying L\infty algebra



Please arrange your own accomodation. In case you apply for refund, we need the original receipt.

Bus connections from downtown: Bus 21 and (not on Saturday) 23 from Main Station to Tammannstrasse. Bus 22 from City Center (Jüdenstrasse, Weender Strasse) to Tammannstrasse. Or Bus 41 from City Center to Goldschmidtstrasse + 5min walk (to the right). All busses run every 30min, duration appx 15min.