The quantization of Proca fields on globally hyperbolic spacetimes: Hadamard states and Møller operators

Valter Moretti, Simone Murro, Daniele Volpe
October 17, 2022
This paper deals with several issues concerning the algebraic quantization of the real Proca fields in a globally hyperbolic spacetime and the definition and existence of Hadamard states for that field. In particular, extending previous work, we construct the so-called M{\o}ller $*$-isomorphism between the algebras of Proca observables on paracausally related spacetimes, proving that the pullback of these isomorphisms preserves the Hadamard property of corresponding quasifree states defined on the two spacetimes. Then, we pullback a natural Hadamard state constructed on ultrastatic spacetimes of bounded geometry, along this $*$-isomorphism, to obtain a Hadamard state on a general globally hyperbolic spacetime. We conclude the paper, by comparing the definition of a Hadamard state, here given in terms of wavefront set, with the one proposed by Fewster and Pfenning, which makes use of a supplementary Klein-Gordon Hadamard form. We establish an (almost) complete equivalence of the two definitions.

Proca Field, Hadamard states, M{\o}ller operator