A quantum energy inequality in the Sine--Gordon model

Markus B. Fröb, Daniela Cadamuro
December 14, 2022
We consider the stress tensor in the massless Sine--Gordon model in the finite regime $\beta^2 < 4 \pi$ of the theory. We prove convergence of the renormalised perturbative series for the interacting stress tensor defined using the Bogoliubov formula in an arbitrary Hadamard state, even for the case that the smearing is only along a one-dimensional time-like worldline and not in space-time. We then show that the interacting energy density, as seen by an observer following this worldline, satisfies an absolute lower bound, that is a bound independent of the quantum state. Our proof employs and generalises existing techniques developed for free theories by Flanagan, Fewster and Smith.