Quantum Double Actions on Operator Algebras and Orbifold Quantum Field Theories

Michael Müger
June 26, 1996
Starting from a local quantum field theory with an unbroken compact symmetry group $G$ in 1+1-dimensional spacetime we construct disorder fields implementing gauge transformations on the fields (order variables) localized in a wedge region. Enlarging the local algebras by these disorder fields we obtain a nonlocal field theory, the fixpoint algebras of which under the appropriately extended action of the group $G$ are shown to satisfy Haag duality in every simple sector. The specifically 1+1 dimensional phenomenon of violation of Haag duality of fixpoint nets is thereby clarified. In the case of a finite group $G$ the extended theory is acted upon in a completely canonical way by the quantum double $D(G)$ and satisfies R-matrix commutation relations as well as a Verlinde algebra. Furthermore, our methods are suitable for a concise and transparent approach to bosonization. The main technical ingredient is a strengthened version of the split property which should hold in all reasonable massive theories. In the appendices (part of) the results are extended to arbitrary locally compact groups and our methods are adapted to chiral theories on the circle.