Thermal Quantum Fields with Spatially Cut-off Interactions in 1+1 Space-time Dimensions

Christian Gerard, Christian D. Jäkel
July 25, 2003
We construct interacting quantum fields in 1+1 space-time dimensions, representing charged or neutral scalar bosons at positive temperature and zero chemical potential. Our work is based on prior work by Klein and Landau and Hoegh-Krohn. Generalized path space methods are used to add a spatially cut-off interaction to the free system, which is described in the Araki-Woods representation. It is shown that the interacting KMS state is normal w.r.t. the Araki-Woods representation. The observable algebra and the modular conjugation of the interacting system are shown to be identical to the ones of the free system and the interacting Liouvillean is described in terms of the free Liouvillean and the interaction.
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thermal quantum field theory, thermal states, interacting models, modular theory