Quantum Virasoro algebra with central charge c=1 on the horizon of a 2D-Rindler spacetime

Valter Moretti, Nicola Pinamonti
July 02, 2003
Using the holographic machinery built up in a previous work, we show that the hidden SL(2,R) symmetry of a scalar quantum field propagating in a Rindler spacetime admits an enlargement in terms of a unitary positive-energy representation of Virasoro algebra, with central charge c=1, defined in the Fock representation. The Virasoro algebra of operators gets a manifest geometrical meaning if referring to the holographically associated QFT on the horizon: It is nothing but a representation of the algebra of vector fields defined on the horizon equipped with a point at infinity. All that happens provided the Virasoro ground energy h vanishes and, in that case, the Rindler Hamiltonian is associated with a certain Virasoro generator. If a suitable regularization procedure is employed, for h=1/2, the ground state of that generator corresponds to thermal states when examined in the Rindler wedge, taking the expectation value with respect to Rindler time. This state has inverse temperature $1/(2\beta)$, where beta is the parameter used to define the initial SL(2,R) unitary representation. (As a consequence the restriction of Minkowski vacuum to Rindler wedge is obtained by fixing h=1/2 and $2\beta=\beta_U$, the latter being Unruh's inverse temperature). Finally, under Wick rotation in Rindler time, the pair of QF theories which are built up on the future and past horizon defines a proper two-dimensional conformal quantum field theory on a cylinder.
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