A spin-statistics theorem for quantum fields on curved spacetime manifolds in a generally covariant framework

Rainer Verch
February 28, 2001
A model-independent, locally generally covariant formulation of quantum field theory over four-dimensional, globally hyperbolic spacetimes will be given which generalizes similar, previous approaches. Here, a generally covariant quantum field theory is an assignment of quantum fields to globally hyperbolic spacetimes with spin-structure where each quantum field propagates on the spacetime to which it is assigned. Imposing very natural conditions such as local general covariance, existence of a causal dynamical law, fixed spinor- or tensor-type for all quantum fields of the theory, and that the quantum field on Minkowski spacetime satisfies the usual conditions, it will be shown that a spin-statistics theorem hols: If for some spacetimes the corresponding quantum field obeys the "wrong" connection between spin and statistics, then all quantum fields of the theory, on each spacetime, are trivial.