A new deformation argument for Hadamard states via an extended Møller operator

Claudio Dappiaggi, Nicolò Drago
June 30, 2015
We consider real scalar field theories whose dynamics is ruled by normally hyperbolic operators differing only for a smooth potential V. By means of an extension of the standard definition of M\o ller operator, we construct an isomorphism between the associated spaces of smooth solutions and between the associated algebras of observables. On the one hand such isomorphism is non-canonical since it depends on the choice of a smooth time-dependant cut-off function. On the other hand, given any quasi-free Hadamard state for a theory with a given V, such isomorphism allows for the construction of another quasi-free Hadamard state for a different potential. The resulting state preserves also the invariance under the action of any isometry, whose associated Killing field commutes with the vector field built out of the normal vectors to a family of Cauchy surfaces, foliating the underlying manifold. Eventually we discuss a sufficient condition to remove on ultrastatic spacetimes the dependence on the cut-off via a suitable adiabatic limit.

quantum field theory on curved spacetimes, Hadamard states