Wightman fields for two-dimensional conformal field theories with pointed representation category

Maria Stella Adamo, Luca Giorgetti, Yoh Tanimoto
January 29, 2023
Two-dimensional full conformal field theories have been studied in various mathematical frameworks, from algebraic, operator-algebraic to categorical. In this work, we focus our attention on theories with chiral components having pointed braided tensor representation subcategories, namely where there are automorphisms whose equivalence classes form an abelian group. For such theories, we exhibit the explicit Hilbert space structure and construct primary fields as Wightman fields for the two-dimensional full theory. Given a finite collection of chiral components with automorphism categories with vanishing total braiding, we also construct a local extension of their tensor product as a chiral component. We clarify the relations with the Longo-Rehren construction, and illustrate these results with concrete examples including the U(1)-current.