The Sine-Gordon QFT in de Sitter spacetime

Daniela Cadamuro, Markus B. Fröb, Carolina Moreira Ferrera
April 18, 2024
We consider the massless Sine-Gordon model in de Sitter spacetime, in the regime $\beta^2 < 4 \pi$ and using the framework of perturbative algebraic quantum field theory. We show that a Fock space representation exists for the free massless field, but that the natural one-parameter family of vacuum-like states breaks the de Sitter boost symmetries. We prove convergence of the perturbative series for the S matrix in this representation, and construct the interacting Haag-Kastler net of local algebras from the relative S matrices. We show that the net fulfills isotony, locality and de Sitter covariance (in the algebraic adiabatic limit), even though the states that we consider are not invariant. We furthermore prove convergence of the perturbative series for the interacting field and the vertex operators, and verify that the interacting equation of motion holds.

perturbative AQFT, Sine-Gordon model, de Sitter space